Don't get too serious

Playfully we'll get to new ideas and gain new energy

Are you working on a new project and in need of new ideas? Or could you use some energy and creativity for your next meeting or teambuilding day? 

I can help by facilitating creative sessions! 

I guide creative processes from A to Z. You deliver the content yourself and I will ensure that the participants feel at ease, are inspired and enjoy looking back on the day.

I attune to the atmosphere and wishes of the participants. Some things I will prepare, but most of all I’ll look at what’s needed in the moment. What might be needed: energy, a laugh, concentration or just a break.

I work with a principle called glorious failure, a concept out of improv theatre. The principle ensures actors to think more freely and come up with ideas without obstacles.

I don’t take it too seriously. Besides that I set an atmosphere where it’s important to look playfully at what we’re doing. But this doesn’t say anything about the outcome of the session of course.

We’ll play. We’ll do exercises where we have fun and learn to make mistakes. We’ll use our entire body as an instrument to come up with fantastisc ideas. 

We’ll do assignments that generate creativity. Exercises where you’ll come up with as many ideas as possible, we’ll start drawing anything we come up with or we’ll make something out of Lego. Lego? Yes, with Lego serious play you can visualize something in a short time in a playful way! And in addition: who doesn’t want to play with Lego?!